About Us


Tantra444 Brings you an array of Bikinis for your next competition to display your hard work, dedication and beauty. At Tantra444 We believe that Inner Beauty and Physical Beauty go Hand in Hand


Muscle Beach 2012


As a Competitor, I understand the frustration of looking for a Custom Bikini, competition shoes, Jewelry, wing Rentals, Tanning tips/services, Diet/Training tips, Hair and Make up, posing clinics, Competition organizations,  Venues and on and on. The experience can prove to be frustrating, time consuming and costly. My entrepreneur spirit kicked in as I combined my passion for sewing with my passion for fitness. Finding myself surrounded by a group of designers, artists, pattern makers  and in the middle of the Los Angeles Fashion District was the last key to building a platform that enabled me to help other competitors make the experience a Breeze by providing a One Stop Shop.